iManage Govern Records Manager 10 File Share News

iManage has shared more exciting information about their upcoming iManage Govern Records Manager 10 release. iManage Govern Records Manager (also known as IRM) will now be able to manage electronic records retention on file share content. This is big for Records Managers!

IRM allowed Records Managers to “manage-in-place” electronic documents and records in the iManage Work document management software (DMS). Firms did not need to separately file their declared records into a records management software, but could leave it where it was in the DMS. Firms were advised to move other electronic content into the Work libraries to manage their security, collaboration and retention. This left a gap, because firms were not saving all electronic content into iManage Work. iManage’s expansion of the Policy Service to manage retention on file share content is exciting because it addresses this gap and indicates IRM is no longer confined to managing just iManage Work content. This is the beginning of IRM managing content in the many places firms create documents and records. So, you could say IRM’s “manage-in-place” will now be expanded to mean “manage-in-more-places” to include file shares.

Records Managers will be able to create an IRM File Part that represents a file share location. The File Part will need to specify the UNC path for the location (for example, \\\\servername\\sharename\\directory\\).  Records Managers will be able to destroy the File Part as per the specified Retention Schedule, similar to a Workspace in iManage Work. This allows Records Managers to track retention, perform destruction and have an audit history on file share content actions.

The set up for the file share File Part can be manual, or IRM will be able to leverage the Standards and Templates feature to automate the file share File Part creation. The Template File Part creation does require the file share naming convention to be standardized. I hope to learn more details about this once the software has been released.

iManage is targeting the release of IRM 10 for end of 2017.

Nitza Medina-Garcia, Certified Records Manager, Records and Information Management Consultant

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