How to 10X Your Email, Letter and Message Writing with TextExpander

I love finding tools that make tedious business tasks quicker and easier! I have to tell you about this tool I have been using for the past year called TextExpander. It saves you a ton of time with repetitive typing tasks. I wrote up how I personally use it in this article on LinkedIn. I also created this video to show how I use it in real time.

TextExpander has a free trial, so certainly check it out! If you do, can you let me know in the comments? If you use another tool, let me know that, too!

Nitza Medina-Garcia, Certified Records Manager, Records and Information Management Consultant

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What is Records Management?

Records management is the formal systems used to govern your business information to help you:

  • Keep the information you need to keep
  • Get rid of the information you no longer need
  • Find the official information you need when you need it
  • Share the information you want with the people you want and keep others away

Good records management is good business!

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